Wednesday, 13 September 2017


Kia Ora blogging world

Today Gerard came in and told us how to collaborate with other people on google DOCS we also had to write what our favorite movie and we had to put a photo on one of the chart.  

I really like this task because I learned how to use the suggest button with other people on google DOC and google presentation google sheet.

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Thursday, 31 August 2017


this week on Tuesday my class and two other classes went to the zoo so we could learn about native birds and lizards and when we were done looking at the we went to go see other animals like the meerkat when we went to go see the meerkats there was a zoo keeper in the meerkat's habitat and she had some food and she got some sand and PAM!!! she made a sand Castles cool thing is that they have split the meerkat's habitat and they had a little tunnel so they can cross to the other side my favorite part was seeing the Tasmanian devil we saw lot's of animals but I let you go see the animals in the Auckland zoo          

Friday, 18 August 2017


hey guys i'm back to tell you what happen this week

this week on Monday we got some chickens and there was a lady named jo that came and told us how to care for the chickens on Wednesdays the first egg hatch when it hatch in the morning we were cording around the incubator when it was happening.when we were doing cyber smart we saw the 2 egg came out.  we named them Gerhard and James but Gerhard had to go to jo house cause he had a cricked leg put we got three eggs from other classes.  

Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Hhi blogging world

On Wednesday we went to merc in long bay for three day our first activity was team building and our last activity of the day was dun planting. My favorite activity was archery because I nearly hit the bulls eye  the bow we were using a compound bow and then we put the arrow on the knocking point and on the arrow. my next favorite activity is saling  because I saw a Gannet.

Bye blogging world  

Wednesday, 28 June 2017


kia Ora blog world 
Here is a link to my screencastify. This is a link to my buddy screencastify.

By Filipe and JD :)